South Africa ICT & Telecom Tactical Investment Forum

March 2, 2005, New York City, USA 

Azania Holdings International Inc. and the New York Software Industry Association are pleased to announce the success of their South Africa ICT & Telecom Tactical Investment Forum. The forum was the first international South African telecom investment forum since South Africa’s deregulation on February 1, 2005 promoting business and investment opportunities for US Telecom, VoIP, Cable/Broadband and Software companies in South Africa. The forum is succeeded by the upcoming "ICT & Telecom Trade Mission" to South Africa, October 1-8, 2005 coinciding with the 7th Annual African Computing & Telecommunications (“ACT”) Summit in Johannesburg. Mona Davids, CEO, Azania Holdings International Inc. opened the highly attended event by giving an overview of topics to be discussed. The forum was comprehensive ranging from a basic geography lesson to infrastructure for supporting businesses to specific investment opportunities to Black Economic Empowerment and a discussion led by Larry Beckler, Esq. about Unidroit International Contractual Language.

Shakir Farsakh, International Trade Specialist, US Department of Commerce, US Commercial Service advised the attendees about the services the US Commercial Service provides US companies in growing their business globally. The US Commercial Service has offices in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Jeff Govan, Business Development Manager, Trade & Investment South Africa briefed the attendees about the services and research his office provides and the state of the South African Economy.

Elizabeth Daly, Director, the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, Division for International Business offered words of support from the Bloomberg administration to the attendees. Ms. Daly’s office welcomes South African companies to establish their US presence in the City of New York and assists them with coordinating all services that will help them do business including interaction with all city, state and federal agencies.

About Azania Holdings International Inc.
Azania Holdings International Inc. (“Azania”), founded by Mona Davids and Eric Steinhilber is a South African/American business consulting firm registered in the United States and South Africa. Azania promotes and facilitates global commerce and trade in Emerging Markets. Azania provides a full suite of business consulting services that include but are not limited to: business development, strategic investment counseling, marketing services, branding and web development.
Azania is currently the only South African firm in the United States and South Africa promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment in South Africa and assisting South African companies wishing to establish a presence in the United States. Azania is a Black Economic Empowerment company.

About the New York Software Industry Association
The New York Software Industry Association (“NYSIA”) is the leading trade association for software, information technology, and web development companies in the New York City area. New York is a national leader in software development! NYSIA's mission is to promote and support the growth of our industry in this region.

NYSIA runs an extensive educational event schedule, hosts the yearly New York Software Summit, sponsors a wide variety of economic development programs aimed at assisting member companies, and carries out legislative work on behalf of the software industry.
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